Yachting experts predict ” Digital interviews are the next big thing”.

Yachting experts predict ” Digital interviews are the next big thing”.

Thijs Van Dooren, the founder of William’s Club was born and raised in the islands of the Caribbean. After moving to the Netherlands, he realized his passion for Yachts and decided to create something on his own, and today is successfully providing candidates to some of the fine yachts in the industry.


Q1) Tell us about the William’s Club and its role into the yachting industry?

Thijs:  The Willaim’s Club wants to maintain the tradition of “Classic Yachts” by having built four yachts under the Williams fife ownership; The Moonbeam III, Moonbeam IV, Mariquita & Hallowe’en. The club is currently encouraging interested clients to become shareholders. Also, we are placing recent hotel management graduates to some of the fine yachts because the industry demands high quality service and discipline.

Q2) How did you come with the name?

A classic yacht does not have a owner, but a “caretaker” and the William’s Club hopes to be the last one. Aspiring to become the caretaker of these yachts, while being able to support them financially. So together a group of yachts are not just yachts, but they become a club.

Q3) It is no secret that the William’s Club has recently collaborated with Monjin. Tell us more about it?

Yes, we have chosen Monjin as our hiring partners and I must say I am amazed by the platform, it has certainly reduced the time which is involved in the interviewing process and made it more convenient. When I was first introduced to Monjin – the online video-interviewing platform. I have never heard of anything like that before, but once I got the demo I realized its potential and when I first used it for interviews I knew that very second that,” Digital interviews are going to be the future of recruitment.”

Q4) What are your thoughts on “digital interview”?

In an industry like yachting, with people from all over the world and me being an example who doesn’t like working in an office but enjoys always being “on the go”. Hence digital interview is the only solution for the Willaim’s Club and it is the next big thing!

Q5) Where would you like to see the “William’s Club” in the next 5 years?

Five years go by fast. To me it is more like twenty years from now. I hope the club becomes one of the important player in the yachting industry. As would actively like to be involved and be a part of the changes that are yet to happen.

Q6) If we were to step in your shoes, what would a typical day look like? Would agree it is a 9am to 5pm job?

When you start and run your own company it becomes a full-time job. The William’s Club represents me and my principles thus I am always myself 24/7 and not someone else from 9am-5pm.

Q7) What is the best part about your job?

It doesn’t exactly feel like a job to me. I am busy doing something that I thoroughly enjoy, like meeting people & travelling the world. I honestly do not think I could have chosen to be in a better industry than this.

Q8) What is the least favourite part about your job?


Q9) The biggest challenge that you faced and how did you tackle it

Challenges always turn into something greater. I don’t know about many people, but to me challenges are like opportunities in disguise. Listen to your gut and take the plunge.  I wouldn’t have been in the place where I am today if I listened to other people.

Q10) Three adjectives that best describe you?

(Laughs) I really don’t like talking about myself.