What's New on Monjin?

What's New on Monjin?

  Great for Candidates. 

Epic for Recruiters.

Monjin has released its most exciting new features yet – for recruiters and for candidates.

We’re motivated to consistently improve both the recruiter and the candidate’s interview experience. We set out to streamline the interview experience – one that is interesting the first time round and becomes an essential part of crew placement before you know it.

The best part is there’s nothing you need to actively do – except enjoy them.

These are the 7 features that are an absolute must for you to know about:

For the Recruiter:

  1. One Platform. All You Need. Decide whether candidates upload their professional documents AND their video interview. List which documents are compulsory for a particular job description and keep all candidate information on one platform.
  1. To Share or Not to Share. You can choose whether to share the candidates’ compulsory documents when sharing a candidates’ video interview. Or you can wait to send the full candidate’s details only once the candidates have been shortlisted.
  1. Status Update. Update a candidate’s status to keep track of whether they have been selected for a position or not on your Monjin dashboard.
  1. Extract Your Info. Copy & Paste or Print your list of questions, job description and invites from the Monjin platform all at once by pressing this icon.Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.36.32

Candidates can now upload their CV & relevant documents AND their Video Interview. You can have the best of both worlds, with Monjin.

For the Candidate:

  1. Step by Step Internet Speed Test. The new ‘Candidate Landing page’ gives step by step instructions to test you have the right bandwidth before taking your video interview to ensure you take the best quality interview possible.
  1. Lights.. Webcam.. ACTION! Check what your microphone and camera by taking a 10 second test interview of your system. Sound good, look great before your big debut. 
  1. Document Vault. Upload all your professional documents onto your own Monjin dashboard. Upload all your Certificates, official documents and updated resume once and keep them in this easy to access, safe place.

If you have any questions about navigating through these new exciting features, you can contact the Monjin team directly for immediate assistance.  yachting@monjin.com or call on +33(6) 2116 5993.