This time it’s The Williams club and UKSA collaborating with Monjin

This time it’s The Williams club and UKSA collaborating with Monjin


Recruiting process is changing, the concept of shortlisting the candidates only through their resume is diminishing slowly. In today’s fast-moving world everybody wants to save time in all aspect even with recruitment as finding the right candidate is difficult and time consuming.

On that note, The Williams club and UKSA, one of the leading yacht training schools in the industry had  no different experience. They realized that shortlisting the right candidate for a position specially in an international industry like yachting, where the candidates are tied with geographical boundaries, the initial screening should be done through resume or telephonic conversation, which could hamper the authenticity of the candidate. They understood the need of the hour and expectations of their customers in terms of what they require in this super dynamic yachting industry.

Taking all the above-mentioned points into consideration, they decided to collaborate with Monjin which is My Online Job Interviews and chose them as their hiring partners. A unique concept which will raise the bar of recruitment like never before. Monjin yachting is an innovative online video interviewing platform which is transforming the way hiring takes place in the yachting industry. It is an easy to use online platform, where yachting candidate around the world respond to a video interview and post cv’s and certificates. These videos are vetted by the industry experts. The employers can see the vetted interviews on the Monjin platform.

Why of online video interviews-

  • Saves a lot of time and money and can also recruit a team member within hours of time.
  • Eliminates confusion as this is a video interview one can view the candidate and accordingly take a decision instead just looking at their resumes and forming a perception.
  • Candidates can give the interview at his / her convenience.
  • Candidates don’t have to worry about their CV not looking appealing as now they have an opportunity to impress the employers through natural charm and body language via video.

So now that you know the latest trends and also the benefits, what are you waiting for, go ahead and explore our platform , sign up with us and experience the difference.