Planning To Start Your Career As A Deckhand?? Things you need to know

Planning To Start Your Career As A Deckhand?? Things you need to know

Ships and other large water vessels require a variety of workers for effective operation. Deckhands are trained workers that perform a variety of operations to make sure vessels are running properly.

Core Responsibility

Deckhands look out for obstructions and other vessels along the pathway. They also assist in various other works such as -the steering of the ship, measuring the depth of the water, and operating and maintaining a variety of deck equipment including anchors, lifeboats, and cargo-handling equipment. Deckhands are also responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the ship. Apart from this they are also involved in routine maintenance tasks such as painting and cleaning decks, repairing lines, and rusty areas.

Let us have a look at the area which an aspiring deckhand should focus on-

Train yourself on the required skills

Receiving professional training is one of the best way to get started as a deckhand. Some institutes, offer certificate programs that train prospective deckhands how to wear respirators and life jackets and use fire extinguishers and inflatable life rafts. Students are also equipped with basic towing techniques and rope skills such as anchoring and mooring. One can also become a deckhand by learning on the job by joining some apprenticeship programs, in which the candidates learn deckhand roles from veteran sailors, typically for a period of up to two years.

Master yourself on the required Essential Qualities 

To become an accomplished deckhand, the candidates need strong technical skills and an aptitude for practical work. They should be able to effectively operate winches, capstans and other deck equipment, as well as perform physical tasks such as lowering lifeboats during emergencies. You must be able to recognize color-coded signals from the vessels’ electrical components and problem-solving skills to perform basic repairs, such as replacing worn cables. Teamwork and communication skills are also important, as you will be working alongside stewards, mates and other crew members.

Obtain a License

Deckhands working on board cargo and passenger vessels don’t require a license to be employed. Deckhands working on a fishing vessel may need to obtain a license, depending on the laws of their states. For instance, in some countries or regions, you must obtain a crew member license to work aboard a commercial fishing boat.

Find an employment

After obtaining the necessary training, the journey begins by searching for jobs in various cruise lines and merchant shipping companies. Finding an employment will be more convenient if the candidates focuses on showcasing themselves better through a video interview, monjin is an innovative video interviewing platform which gives the candidates an option to portray themselves better.


A career as a deckhand is an excellent choice for people with a strong interest in multi-tasking a variety of tasks to handle the everyday operation of vessels. Physical stamina, detail orientation and good problem-solving skills are necessary characteristics. Deckhands must have excellent communication skill and the ability to work as part of a team. They must be able to accept the fact that they will be away from home for extended periods of time and effectively deal with conditions.  If you think this interests you, then go ahead and register with us and showcase your best to multiple recruiters.

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