Recruitment Meets Technology

Recruitment Meets Technology

Video interviewing works for organisations because it works for candidates. A video interview provides candidates with an innovative way of expressing themselves.

A Video interview is a powerful and authentic medium for a candidate to showcase the best of themselves. It provides a more transparent dialogue and in that , is superior to a telephonic interaction. We think it has a wider appeal and works best for both candidates and organisation.

A candidate’s moment in the spotlight

Asynchronous interviewing allows candidates to focus on their OWN responses to questions, rather than merely anticipating that of the interviewer. Recorded interviewing allows candidates to directly express their passion and enthusiasm for a cause- something that cannot be replicated with telephonic interviewing. Social media has shown us that, given the right opportunity and technology, people want to be heard and seen. Video interviewing provides candidates with this opportunity.

More convenient than telephonic screening and direct interview

With recorded video interviews, candidates no longer have to work with recruiters to schedule telephonic or direct interviews. Instead, they can respond to a series of pre-formatted questions and record their responses at a time and place of their convenience. This way, interviews become congenial for busy candidates juggling work, family and education commitments.

Be Visible Globally

Recorded video interviewing helps to overcome the tyranny of distance. With video interviewing, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the next room or on the other side of the world. Video interviewing virtually puts the candidates in the same room as your interviewer.

A level playing field for all candidates

It’s no longer about how well you can build rapport with a telephonic interviewer or how one candidate can manipulate the telephonic interviewing process. Video interviewing gives everybody the same opportunity and also allows recruiters to directly compare candidates’ responses against each other, without having to rely on their memory. This means recruiters are comparing like or like, at all time.

Faster response time                                

Candidates suffer sleepless nights waiting to know if they have made it to the next round of interviews. Because of the scalability and inbuilt efficiencies of recorded video interviewing, these waiting periods can be dramatically reduced.

With recorded video interviewing, everyone wins

Recorded video interviewing is a fairer, faster and more empowering solution for both candidates and recruiters. Put simply, recorded video interviewing is the next logical step in the ongoing evolution of the recruitment process.

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