The Palma Super Yacht Show: How Do You Make Me Hire You?

The Palma Super Yacht Show: How Do You Make Me Hire You?

Captain Avnish Dhall will be talking about the best way one can present himself on a job interview and about the skills and strengths a candidate should have to become a member of a representable crew.

He will thoroughly explain in which way to present those characteristics and why are they important. Moreover, he will connect that with his personal experience and his career. Captain will further present the Monjin way of conducting the interview and what difference does it make in comparison with the traditional hiring process as well as the general revolution it could make in the recruiting and yachting industry.

Monjin allows bulk-uploads, configurable mail content, client and internally shareable formats. You can use the spotlight Interview for the screening of field-force, junior resources, laterals and campus hires or as a pre-screen for more senior resources. It simplifies the way talented candidates and pioneering employers meet and engage through online video interviews.

Capt. Avnish Dhall: ‘How Do You Make Me Hire You?’

When: 27th April 2018, 01:30 PM – 03:00 PM (UTC+1)

Where: The Palma Superyacht Show, PALMA DE MALLORCA


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