Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Fair Play for Monjin

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 – Fair Play for Monjin

For the second year in a row the Monaco Yacht Show was the playground for our Monjin Team to mingle with Captains, Crew, Crewing Agents and the entire yachting industry elite. And what a great show it was!

Marking the 25th anniversary of the Monaco Yacht Show, this year’s event brought together the supreme players in the superyachting world with Monaco acting as the ultimate glamorous backdrop.

Over the past year, we spent our time talking to top crew agencies like Dovaston and Viking Recruitment to customize the Monjin online video interviewing platform to satisfy the needs the best online video interviewing solutions for the yachting world. “This year the Monjin|Luxury team were busy introducing the Exclusive Monaco Yacht Show offer to recruiters, and we’re excited by the positive response we received,” says Mrs Titta Uoti-Vaisanen, sales and marketing Monjineer based in France.

Monjin teamed up with How 2 Yacht to share the Monjin video interviewing concept with interested visitors. The How2Yacht crew shared the Monjin concept of using online video interviews to get to know potential crew members more personally, gauge their skills and share their video interviews for feedback. How2Yacht reported that several Captains they met at the show were signing up to use the Monjin platform to find new crew members to join them next season.

“Crew agents were fully onboard when we told them about our latest service: Monjin is now equipped to lighten the load for crew agents. We will coordinate the full Monjineering of all your candidates’ video interviews so you’re completely Hands OFF on getting your database Monjineered,” says Ms Uoti-Vasianen “This frees up recruiters time to do what they do best – find the right people for the right position.”

  We’re excited to see the industry embrace the value of      video in getting to know potential crew. “It was interesting to speak to Captains and crew agents about the difference between a Monjin video interview and a video resume,” says Luana Divizio, our Monjin rep in Monaco. “They soon understood the value of video interviews to thoroughly assess a candidate.”

When job-specific questions are answered by a candidate in a video interview, rather than them giving general information in a video resume – you know it’s a step ahead of the game.

The Monjin|Luxury team will be at METs in November and we look forward to continuing to share our growth with you there.


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