Making Waves in Crew Recruitment

Making Waves in Crew Recruitment

The superyacht industry is the industry to work in. The travelling and visiting the most incredible places in the world, living in the best sites in the international scene, throw in an occasional heli ride. Crew flock to top ports in the Med and US every season to find jobs on these luxury superyachts with an estimated 30,000 crew set to join the industry within the next 5 years.

With so many eager yachties looking to make their mark on the industry, recruiting should be a walk on the dock right? Not quite.

Recruitment agencies spend valuable time screening hundreds (if not thousands) of candidates’ CVs on their database. After CV number 101, they all seem to claim to be fluent in 4 languages’ or ‘be great team players’. So how can you properly assess candidates and pinpoint these qualities? How many meetings, phone and online calls are scheduled, only to be less than blown-away when meeting the candidate in person?

Monjin Yachting is a revolutionary online video interviewing platform that’s modernizing the hiring process for recruiters, captains, yachts and jobseekers in the yachting industry. Make faster recruiting decisions, with less time and money spent on shortlisting candidates. “Work smart, not hard,” as Jobs put it.

Interview potential crew by watching their video interviews, evaluate their personality, skills and enthusiasm without scheduling a call or meeting until you know they’re a potentially awesome fit. It’s time to cut the clutter.

Some of the best crew won’t happen to be dock walking on your doorstep. Many are in all four corners of the world, whilst captains are in the other four.


‘Monjin Yachting is a revolutionary online video interviewing platform that’s modernizing the hiring process.’


Monjin Yachting is a service-based subscription that speed-ups the hiring process. The versatile video interviewing tool can seamlessly integrate into any recruiting system. Using the Monjin Yachting tool makes it easy to send interview questions to a large number of candidates sourced from recruiter’s secure database.

Candidates send back their recorded video interview, spontaneously answering the questions you want answered. You can evaluate the candidate, see what they look like, gauge their attitude and experience and consider the face behind the CV.

The online Monjin Yachting platform makes it easy to share the best candidate’s video interviews with captains, HODs and colleagues with the click of a button. They can watch the digital interviews at their own convenience, share feedback and choose the best candidates. Monjin Yachting is stepping up the old-school ways of hiring the best crew, cutting out unnecessary travel costs and making the process more streamlined and simple for everyone involved. This is the future of recruiting crew globally.

Candidates have the opportunity to show what they’re made of, talk about their strengths and achievements beyond listing their previous work experience, and show their enthusiasm to help them move up in the yachting world.

We’ve given you a glimpse of the uncharted opportunities opened up when you use the Monjin Yachting tool to improve the way the right crew are matched to the right yacht job.

For those at the forefront of recruitment within the yachting industry, jump onboard with Monjin Yachting at