How2Yacht & Monjin Colloborate to Revolutionise recruiting in Yachting

How2Yacht & Monjin Colloborate to Revolutionise recruiting in Yachting

How2Yacht have always been a step ahead and now present an effective crewing solution for all their clientele. In what is an innovative and pioneering collaboration with Monjin, they intend to extend the platform of online interviews to serve the yachting industry effectively. Over the years, How2Yacht have gained immense insight and experience into what their discerning customers require in the highly specialized super yacht space. In a particularly personalized service industry, it is critical that inter personal communication is at its finest. Using an online interview as a reference point raises the bar like never before.

This comes on the heels of their tie up with YotSpot, one of yachting’s premier jobseeker portals. A dual advantage for How2Yacht as they leap ahead in the yachting world, capitalizing on what matters most – the persona of the crew!

Why online job interviews?

For a start, it enables Captains and Yacht Management to identify the best candidates for the job! They are able to see a more real image of the candidate via this forum.

For Yacht Crew:

The privilege of being able to say your piece and project the best of yourself is an invaluable advantage. It could prove to be the ultimate game changer.

How it works:

Monjin Yachting is an easy-to-use online platform where yachting candidates from around the world respond to a video interview request or sign onto Monjin’s portal and post their CV and certificates. How2Yacht’s clients who have a vacancy to fill, can access vetted crews’ video interviews on the Monjin platform, gauge how a candidate will respond to guests & crew, present themselves on board and find the right crew member to join their team in real time.

For the Yacht’s and Management Companies:

• The client or employer signs up with How2Yacht and gains access to their private online Monjin dashboard.
• The dashboard is populated with curated interviews of candidates who are suitable for the position.
• The client reviews digital interviews and gets an insight into a candidate’s skills, personality and attitude without         having to formally set up an interaction.
• The client selects the right candidate to fit in with current crew in a streamlined, quick and cost effective process.

The collaboration is set to transform the yachting arena in a simple yet powerful way with effective talent identification and utilization of available resources.