Hire for Results, Not for Skills

Hire for Results, Not  for Skills

Hiring a suitable candidate is an art form! It requires much more than a mere check list of skills. A seasoned analyst will have the ability to see beyond the obvious…to evaluate the true potential of the candidate and rate this over any other experience mentioned in a resume.
The hiring process is often simplified to matching present skills with the job at hand, with little or no window to accommodate the untapped potential of the person. In order to have a candidate deliver to the best of their ability, and by extension ensure success fur an entire organization, it is imperative we look beyond. Outlined below are some key qualities that could be the ultimate game changer!

1. Adaptability –

A candidate who can adapt and think on his feet, is likely to be a solution provider in the most tricky situations. Often, circumstances are unforeseen and being able to find a way out rather than give up, is crucial to the end game.

2. Determination –

The determination to persevere towards a goal and see it through, is the mark of a doer. It reflects the ability to maintain focus on the larger picture, and is an assurance of the reliability of their performance. A person who gets a project on the table is more valued than one proposing a cloudy idea.

3. Attitude-

It is sometimes more crucial to have the right attitude over aptitude in order to be a successful team player. Leading a group towards fruition successfully, is more than the sum of all its minor parts. Being open and inclusive, yields better results undoubtedly.

Hiring accurately thus defines both the strength and depth of an organization. Successful recruitment is the blueprint and soul of a work place that can easily and must transform it into an institution.