Why Dovaston Crew is sailing with Monjin Yachting

Why Dovaston Crew is sailing with Monjin Yachting

….and creating a benchmark in recruitment

It has been 20 years since the Dovaston Crew started placing people from across the world in top crews. The two decades of experience has made them the top placement company in the yachting industry.

These days Dovaston is flooded with requests for crew placements from across the globe.

The Dovaston Crew has a rigorous process in place that helps them find the best out there. They build a detailed picture of the candidate and this is added to their expansive database, ready to be showcased to the world.

Dovaston values traditional interviews as a way to assess a candidate’s personality and find the best position to suit a particular candidate.

These are some of the challenges that Helen faces while using their traditional intensive interview process:

  1. She has to set up interviews
  2. She has do that across time zones
  3. It means travel costs are added to it
  4. She and team have to communicate about the prospective candidates with captains and HR managers, which costs time again.
  5. She has to also connect with candidates
  6. She has deadlines to manage, as the industry cannot function without tight timelines.
  7. Finally, she has to get the best person out in the world in quick time.

How much time to you spend interviewing each and every candidate? The answer is, way too much.

Time which could easily be spent to doing something other than hiring. Playing golf for instance.

Which is why, Helen Warren, who heads Dovaston Crew is constantly looking for strategies that address one simple question effectively: “How can we make our crew recruitment process more efficient, save time while continuing to set the benchmarck in the quality of crew selected?”

 Enter Monjin.

And these rough waters became a lot easier for her to sail in.



‘Dovaston Crew used the Monjin Yachting platform and saved 50% of the time required to screen candidates’

The Dovaston Crew has teamed up with Monjin Yachting’s One-Way Video interview platform. With this tool, the recruitment team can view videos of the candidate’s individual profile.




Dovaston use Monjin Yachting to assess candidates stationed in different corners of the world. Shortlisting the ‘finalists’ in a particular race can be done with just one single round of ‘heats’. No more multiple calls, online interviews, checks etc.

This not only saves a lot of money, but also a hell of a lot of time.

After all, the Dovaston Crew does not mind saving almost half the time it takes to recruit someone and use that to play golf. Or sip cocktails by the beach.


A quick look at how Dovaston Crew is using the Monjin Yachting platform:

  1. With on-demand interviews, Dovaston can send out interview questions to candidates. They send their video recorded answers in their own time. This saves time while shortlisting large volumes of candidates.
  1. The on-demand video responses allow recruiters to quickly spot the best candidates, communicate with them from any time or place, while engaging with them in an innovative and effective way.
  1. They can also share a selection of candidate videos with Captains and HoDs for review, feedback etc without having to send that dreaded stack of CVs and scheduling calls, meetings and so on. This saves 50% of the time traditionally required to hire a person.


Easy does it

Dovaston Crew’s candidates can now expect to receive the opportunity to take their Monjin Yachting One Way video interviews via email, as the busy Yachting season kicks in.

After all, time and tide waits for none.


Get in touch now to find out how you can modernize your recruitment process with Monjin Yachting at yachting@monjin.com or call on +33(6) 2116 5993.