Begum Yachting Goes Digital

Begum Yachting Goes Digital

Begum Yachting announces the launch of their new crewing solution for their clients in collaboration with Monjin|Luxury.


Over the past 10 years, Begum Yachting, super yacht & charter agents, have successfully understood the needs of the superyacht industry providing services all along the Turkish coast. They’ve delivered unrivalled, state of the art services. The Superyacht Report has named them ‘The Best Agent in Turkey’ in 2014.

Begum Yachting are expanding their services to offer a recruitment solution that simplifies the crew recruitment process for all the yachts they service. They are making use of the Monjin|Luxury online platform, to provide vetted video interviews of yachting candidates.

They understand that moving away from paper applications and using digital interviews will help Captains and Employers identify their best candidates and understand who they really are.

Because these employees interact directly with guests, their personality and attitude was of utmost importance in the selection process. And these could not be assessed based on a CV or online profile.


The Solution

Monjin|Luxury is a an easy-to-use online platform where yachting candidates from around the world respond to a video interview, and post their CV and certificates. Begum Yachting’s clients who have a vacancy, can access vetted crews’ video interviews on the Monjin platform, gauge how a candidate will respond to guests & crew, present themselves on board and find the right crew member to join their team within hours.


The Drill

  • Once the client or employer signs up with Monjin, they gain access to their own online Monjin dashboard.
  • The dashboard is populated with selected interviews of candidates who are suitable for the vacant position.
  • Watch digital interviews and get insight into a candidate’s skills, personality and attitude without setting up meetings and phone calls with crew who are in different timezones.
  • Select the right candidate to fit in with the rest of your crew in a streamlined, quick and cost effective process.


4 Simple Steps To Simpler Recruiting

  1. Log on to Begum Yachting’s website
  2. Click on the Monjin logo
  3. Sign up with details and recruitment requirements
  4. We will get in touch to discuss the best Monjin crewing solution.

For more details and information, get in touch with Monjin directly


Begum Yachting in collaboration with Monjin – My Online Job Interview.