Ace Your Next Video Interview By Avoiding These 6 Mistakes

Ace Your Next Video Interview By Avoiding These 6 Mistakes

Video interviewing has grown popular in the recent times, hiring mangers prefer video interviews as compared to the on-site interviews, which helps them save cost and time.  Video interviews are becoming more prevalent in the recruitment and selection process, especially early on in multiple hurdle system, so it becomes important to avoid any kind of mistakes, which might make the selection process difficult. There is the video interviewing etiquette which needs to be learned and tips and tricks for getting the most out of this new best practice in your daily work.

Test the software and follow the instructions

Video interview works on a software and which needs to be tested on your laptop or phone or tablet. There might be chances that, you must follow the set of procedures, as the platform may work differently in different operating systems. Make sure that you test the video interviewing platform before the interview, as you do not want to run into an issue before your interview. You should also ensure that you have required bandwidth needed for taking the interview, as that might affect the interview’s quality.

Make sure your set up is not noisy and cluttered

Recruiting managers understand that you will be taking the interview from your home, but make sure, you have a nice and decent background which is presentable, it should also be kept in mind that there is no outside disturbance which might over power your voice, due to which the employer might not hear you.  If you are in a shared space then make your roommates are aware of your video interview, so that no one disturbs you at that time.

Make yourself comfortable

Looking professional on camera is the best way to create a good impression, apart from looking comfortable you need to be comfortable while answering the questions, so make sure that you are seated on a comfortable chair which does not distract you while taking the interview.

The key light is not on the wrong side

The major purpose of the video interviewing is to present yourself in the best way, that can only be possible if you are clearly visible to the employer. Make sure to have sufficient lighting available in the room. Do not block the light as it will affect your visibility. One should always remember that you should sit on the opposite direction of light for better visibility.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Despite you checking the software, your camera and audio there are chances that you can run into some technical glitches before the interview. In that case you should not panic, instead get in touch with the person who is coordinating this video, make sure that 15 minutes before the interview you log in to the system, so that you can check if the platform works well for you. In case not then get in touch with them immediately and ask them to fix the issue, in this way you can take the interview on time.

Always remember to put your phone on silent mode

One of the most common mistakes done by the candidates is that they forget to put their phone on silent mode, by which I mean not even on vibration mode. Sometimes candidates respond to the calls or get distracted by the notifications. This creates a negative image in front of the interviewer. To avoid this, it is advised to keep the phone in another room, so that even if you get a call or notification you will not be disturbed.



Video interviews are becoming very popular, as they are most convenient and cost-effective way of taking the interview, but still they can pose some unique challenges, which can affect your performance on screen. Follow the above-mentioned steps and nail your video interview.


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