A day in Monjineer's life turned out to be at Cannes Film Fest-2017

A day in Monjineer's life turned out to be at Cannes Film Fest-2017

A regular day in a monjineer’s life involves meeting a lot of yacht crew, yacht management companies etc. But, recently a day started quite differently for the monjineers. Monjin thought of giving a new and exciting experience to its yachting team and guess what they were in Cannes attending the film festival. Yes, you read that right. They got an opportunity to be a part of Cannes Film Festival 2017. This is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France and 2017 marks its 70th anniversary. The festival first took place in the year 1932 where there was no limit to the genre of the films or the countries that were representing it.

 Let’s explore more about the festival.  

This year the festival was opened by the French -American actress Lily- Rose Depp and the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. The films from Netflix were also included in the competition for the very first time. People from all over the world watch it, instead they follow it religiously, there is nothing like experiencing it in real life. From the buzz of the paparazzi with their flashy cameras to queuing in front of the Grand Hyatt Martinez, just to get a glimpse of the celebrities. Till today, nothing has changed expect the glamour of the red-carpet.  More and more renowned faces are seen at the Palais de festival from Hollywood to Bollywood. The festival only gets exclusive by the day, as the weather becomes agreeable and the blue waves make us all want to be on super yachts – why should celebs have all the fun?

So what role does the yachting industry play during the festival?

Quite big to be honest. All boats regardless of its type and size are on demand. Whether it is merely being anchored or chartered for day-trips, the crew behind it is making it all happen – it is the intensive hours of challenging work and above all their passion that makes it look so desirable. During this festival, our team also got an opportunity to meet a lot of yacht captains and yacht crew and got to know more about the work crew does during this time.  “It is all about customer satisfaction”, says Shaun Tedeschi the former deckhand of M/Y Celtic