7 hours to Find, Interview and Hire the right candidate? Impossible!

7 hours to Find, Interview and Hire the right candidate? Impossible!

All in a day’s work with Monjin Yachting!

We’re all about breaking it down, speeding it up and making it simple.

Captain of +100mtr superyacht in Spain loved using Monjin to recruit the newest member of their crew. The yacht was mid-audit the same day they were recruiting.

It was a busy day onboard.

And yet, with the Monjin platform, they got the job done in less than 7 hours. Even though the decision needed confirmation from 4 different parties located in different locations and time zones.

Here’s how it happened:

  • 10:00 Crew agent in Antibes sent an invitation to 10 candidates to complete their Monjin Interview.
  • 12:15 Captain in Spain received stewardess’ Monjin Interviews from crew agent.
  • 12:18 Captain and Chief Stewardess both watched the Monjin interviews and Captain instructed Chief Stewardess to call one of the applicants and talk about the open position on-board.
  • 12:45 Chief Stewardess gave positive feedback to Captain and asked Captain to share the stew’s Monjin Interview with the Yacht Manager and owner’s representative.
  • 12:47 Yacht Manager and Owner’s Representative, both located in the Middle East, watched the Monjin Interview and send feedback to Captain.
  • 14:20 Yacht Manager Chief Stewardess and Captain all agreed that interview was successful after gauging the candidate’s skills, enthusiasm and experience via the 20 minute recorded interview. Captain informed Chief Stewardess that interview was successful and would like to hire her.
  • 15:45 All applicant’s certificates, references and other paperwork were checked and noted to be all in order by the crew agent.
  • 16:20 ATR (application to recruit) form was sent to Yacht manager who signs it.
  • 16:50 Applicant in France was officially informed that she has been accepted and the yacht would like to hire her as service stewardess.


That’s how we roll!!


Another successful Monjineering story.


If you’re looking to step up your game in recruitment, contact Monjin Yachting at yachting@monjin.com or call Avnish Dhall on +336 10207469 and +91 98202 92248