6 Easy Tips to Rock your Video Interview

6 Easy Tips to Rock your Video Interview

So you’ve been chosen to take a Monjin Video Interview?

This is your opportunity to show your true colours and impress a recruiter beyond the words you write on your black and white paper CV.

Monjin Online interviews give you the chance to show your great personality and enthusiasm as well as your skills, from where ever in the world you take your interview.

Follow these simple tips to take advantage of the ease and convenience of video interviewing:

  1. Just Be You

You don’t need to be perfect. Your interview isn’t going to be broadcast on national TV. Be confident about how your personality, interests and background will help you rock this position. You are being recorded at all times throughout the video interview. If you happen to look away from the webcam during the 10 seconds you’re given to read the next question and record your answer, don’t worry about it. The recruiter is looking for an authentic introduction to you, not a robot. So just relax, speak positively about the experience you’ve gained, talk clearly and be yourself.

  1. Dress Your Best

If you’re the best person for the job, show it. Wear a polo-shirt, do your hair and have a good light source coming from infront of you to brighten your face. For you girls, use a little makeup – not a lot. Let’s leave your sunnies for your day off by the beach.

  1. Put on Your Best Smile

Once the video recording begins, be sure to smile, be professional and keep your body language in check – sit up straight in your chair and don’t sit too close to the webcam.

  1. Eye Contact

You won’t be looking at a person directly in the eye (which may be intimidating during a face-to-face interview). But during a video interview look directly at the webcam – looking at the screen may distract you and the recruiter may get an awkward view of your forehead throughout the interview.

Tip: place the webcam at eye level or even slightly above.

  1. Exploit the technology

Monjin gives you the chance to test your system and ensure it works. Check your internet connection is suitable, and your webcam and microphone are working. This is just like preparing yourself for a live interview. It’s up to you to give this interview your best shot. If you don’t have the right bandwidth, why not try to use another connection like from an internet café nearby.

  1. Don’t Miss the Boat

The yachting industry is fast-paced. If you’re chosen for a video interview chances are the Captain is looking for crew who can start immediately. You may have a 3 day time frame to reply back to the interview, but don’t delay, find a good internet connection and make it happen!


Now grab this opportunity and show them what you’re made of!

Monjin Yachting is the online job interview tool that’s easy-to-use and gives you the advantage to tell your story.

If you’d like get any more tips or ask any questions get in touch with us on yachting@monjin.com or call on +33(6) 2116 5993.