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Planning To Start Your Career As A Deckhand?? Things you need to know

Ships and other large water vessels require a variety of workers for effective operation. Deckhands are trained workers that perform a variety of operations to make sure vessels are running properly. Core Responsibility Deckhands look out for obstructions and other vessels along the pathway. They also assist in various other works such as -the steering of the ship, measuring the depth of the water, and operating and maintaining a variety of deck equipment including anchors, lifeboats, and cargo-handling equipment. Deckhands are also responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the ship. Apart from this they are also involved in routine maintenance tasks such as painting and cleaning decks, repairing lines, and rusty areas. Let us have a look at the area which an aspiring deckhand should focus on- Train yourself on the required skills Receiving professional training is one of the best way to get started as a deckhand. Some institutes, offer certificate programs that train prospective deckhands how to wear respirators and life jackets and use fire extinguishers and inflatable life rafts. Students are also equipped with basic towing techniques and rope skills such as anchoring and mooring. One can also become a deckhand by learning on the job by joining some apprenticeship programs, in which the candidates learn deckhand roles from veteran sailors, typically for a period of up to two years. Master yourself on the required Essential Qualities  To become an accomplished deckhand, the candidates need strong technical skills and an aptitude for practical work. They should be able to effectively operate winches, capstans and other deck equipment, as well as perform physical tasks such... read more

Ace Your Next Video Interview By Avoiding These 6 Mistakes

Video interviewing has grown popular in the recent times, hiring mangers prefer video interviews as compared to the on-site interviews, which helps them save cost and time.  Video interviews are becoming more prevalent in the recruitment and selection process, especially early on in multiple hurdle system, so it becomes important to avoid any kind of mistakes, which might make the selection process difficult. There is the video interviewing etiquette which needs to be learned and tips and tricks for getting the most out of this new best practice in your daily work. Test the software and follow the instructions Video interview works on a software and which needs to be tested on your laptop or phone or tablet. There might be chances that, you must follow the set of procedures, as the platform may work differently in different operating systems. Make sure that you test the video interviewing platform before the interview, as you do not want to run into an issue before your interview. You should also ensure that you have required bandwidth needed for taking the interview, as that might affect the interview’s quality. Make sure your set up is not noisy and cluttered Recruiting managers understand that you will be taking the interview from your home, but make sure, you have a nice and decent background which is presentable, it should also be kept in mind that there is no outside disturbance which might over power your voice, due to which the employer might not hear you.  If you are in a shared space then make your roommates are aware of your video interview, so that... read more

New To The Yachting Industry?? Things You Need To Focus On

A career in yachting can be rewarding, exciting and a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and explore new horizons! Traditionally the yachting industry in the Mediterranean runs from April in the States & Caribbean. Having said that, more recently the possibilities are endless with many yachts circumnavigating the world. Yachting is an eye opening, ultimately fun industry that demands hard work, perfection and attention to detail. We speak with yacht crew every day to deepen our insight into what new crew should do and here are few tips for starting out. Having your certificates up-to-date will be a great advantage because nobody wants to hire someone without their basic STCW & ENG1, so make sure that you have all required certificates with you . Moving to a yachting hub can be a good solution but imagine the extent of change one might have to go through such as managing expenses, finding an accommodation and a lot more. To avoid this situation, one can explore video interviews which is convenient and easy. Educate yourself about the industry, one should be aware of the latest trends in the industry and stay updated. With the current boom of digitization, even recruitment is getting digitized, so relying only on your CV might not help. Instead focus on showcasing yourself better to the potential recruiters with the help of video interviews.  It is wise to be aware of the current boom and equip oneself  to take the interview anytime, anywhere. A common mistake done by the candidates is exaggerating too much about them, it is a small industry and people are well connected with... read more

Yachting experts predict ” Digital interviews are the next big thing”.

Thijs Van Dooren, the founder of William’s Club was born and raised in the islands of the Caribbean. After moving to the Netherlands, he realized his passion for Yachts and decided to create something on his own, and today is successfully providing candidates to some of the fine yachts in the industry.   Q1) Tell us about the William’s Club and its role into the yachting industry? Thijs:  The Willaim’s Club wants to maintain the tradition of “Classic Yachts” by having built four yachts under the Williams fife ownership; The Moonbeam III, Moonbeam IV, Mariquita & Hallowe’en. The club is currently encouraging interested clients to become shareholders. Also, we are placing recent hotel management graduates to some of the fine yachts because the industry demands high quality service and discipline. Q2) How did you come with the name? A classic yacht does not have a owner, but a “caretaker” and the William’s Club hopes to be the last one. Aspiring to become the caretaker of these yachts, while being able to support them financially. So together a group of yachts are not just yachts, but they become a club. Q3) It is no secret that the William’s Club has recently collaborated with Monjin. Tell us more about it? Yes, we have chosen Monjin as our hiring partners and I must say I am amazed by the platform, it has certainly reduced the time which is involved in the interviewing process and made it more convenient. When I was first introduced to Monjin – the online video-interviewing platform. I have never heard of anything like that before, but once I... read more

Sneak Peek into Captain Saini’s Career

We had the opportunity to interact with Captain Surender Saini recently on Monjin, where he took us on an exciting journey and gave us a glimpse of his career in the yachting industry. The interview turned out to be extremely fun and we thought why not share it with you as well. Here it goes: Please introduce yourself and let us know how you came to join the yachting industry? From my navy times where I served for 15 years, I was involved with sailing competitions in addition to rescue diving duties. I was always fascinated with yachting industry and I joined professional yachting soon after I left Indian Navy. We know that you spent 15 years in the Navy and was a Air Rescue Navy diver when you left. Can you give us some more information about the time you spent in the Navy and the qualifications you acquired I joined Indian Navy in 1992 and initially qualified as aircraft Radio technician. After that I opted for special diving qualifications as a rescue diver with the search and rescue organisation in the Indian Navy. The expertise requires a diver to jump from a chopper and provide assistance/ rescue the survivor in any weather conditions, during this all period I was involved in several rescue operations off both the East and West coast of India. Can you outline your experience in yachting? I joined professional yachting in 2007 (soon after leaving the Indian Navy) as Lead Deck Hand. I was an integral part of  the Kalizma team that sailed extensively in the Far East, Indian West Coast and the Maldives. During... read more

This time it’s The Williams club and UKSA collaborating with Monjin

  Recruiting process is changing, the concept of shortlisting the candidates only through their resume is diminishing slowly. In today’s fast-moving world everybody wants to save time in all aspect even with recruitment as finding the right candidate is difficult and time consuming. On that note, The Williams club and UKSA, one of the leading yacht training schools in the industry had  no different experience. They realized that shortlisting the right candidate for a position specially in an international industry like yachting, where the candidates are tied with geographical boundaries, the initial screening should be done through resume or telephonic conversation, which could hamper the authenticity of the candidate. They understood the need of the hour and expectations of their customers in terms of what they require in this super dynamic yachting industry. Taking all the above-mentioned points into consideration, they decided to collaborate with Monjin which is My Online Job Interviews and chose them as their hiring partners. A unique concept which will raise the bar of recruitment like never before. Monjin yachting is an innovative online video interviewing platform which is transforming the way hiring takes place in the yachting industry. It is an easy to use online platform, where yachting candidate around the world respond to a video interview and post cv’s and certificates. These videos are vetted by the industry experts. The employers can see the vetted interviews on the Monjin platform. Why of online video interviews- Saves a lot of time and money and can also recruit a team member within hours of time. Eliminates confusion as this is a video interview one can... read more

A day in Monjineer's life turned out to be at Cannes Film Fest-2017

A regular day in a monjineer’s life involves meeting a lot of yacht crew, yacht management companies etc. But, recently a day started quite differently for the monjineers. Monjin thought of giving a new and exciting experience to its yachting team and guess what they were in Cannes attending the film festival. Yes, you read that right. They got an opportunity to be a part of Cannes Film Festival 2017. This is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France and 2017 marks its 70th anniversary. The festival first took place in the year 1932 where there was no limit to the genre of the films or the countries that were representing it.  Let’s explore more about the festival.   This year the festival was opened by the French -American actress Lily- Rose Depp and the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. The films from Netflix were also included in the competition for the very first time. People from all over the world watch it, instead they follow it religiously, there is nothing like experiencing it in real life. From the buzz of the paparazzi with their flashy cameras to queuing in front of the Grand Hyatt Martinez, just to get a glimpse of the celebrities. Till today, nothing has changed expect the glamour of the red-carpet.  More and more renowned faces are seen at the Palais de festival from Hollywood to Bollywood. The festival only gets exclusive by the day, as the weather becomes agreeable and the blue waves make us all want to be on super yachts – why should celebs have all the fun? So what role does... read more

Hire for Results, Not for Skills

Hiring a suitable candidate is an art form! It requires much more than a mere check list of skills. A seasoned analyst will have the ability to see beyond the obvious…to evaluate the true potential of the candidate and rate this over any other experience mentioned in a resume.

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Making Waves in Crew Recruitment

The superyacht industry is the industry to work in. The travelling and visiting the most incredible places in the world, living in the best sites in the international scene, throw in an occasional heli ride. Crew flock to top ports in the Med and US every season to find jobs on these luxury superyachts with an estimated 30,000 crew set to join the industry within the next 5 years. With so many eager yachties looking to make their mark on the industry, recruiting should be a walk on the dock right? Not quite. Recruitment agencies spend valuable time screening hundreds (if not thousands) of candidates’ CVs on their database. After CV number 101, they all seem to claim to be ‘fluent in 4 languages’ or ‘be great team players’. So how can you properly assess candidates and pinpoint these qualities? How many meetings, phone and online calls are scheduled, only to be less than blown-away when meeting the candidate in person? Monjin Yachting is a revolutionary online video interviewing platform that’s modernizing the hiring process for recruiters, captains, yachts and jobseekers in the yachting industry. Make faster recruiting decisions, with less time and money spent on shortlisting candidates. “Work smart, not hard,” as Jobs put it. Interview potential crew by watching their video interviews, evaluate their personality, skills and enthusiasm without scheduling a call or meeting until you know they’re a potentially awesome fit. It’s time to cut the clutter. Some of the best crew won’t happen to be dock walking on your doorstep. Many are in all four corners of the world, whilst captains are in the other... read more

Recruitment Meets Technology

Video interviewing works for organisations because it works for candidates. A video interview provides candidates with an innovative way of expressing themselves.

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Sharing Safety #Justice for Jacob

Monjin Yachting is Sharing updates on Jacob’s progress & spreading awareness about the importance of Safety measures onboard. Monjin Yachting is donating 50c to the Justice for Jacob page every time this post is Shared on Facebook.

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How2Yacht & Monjin Colloborate to Revolutionise recruiting in Yachting

How2Yacht have always been a step ahead and now present an effective crewing solution for all their clientele. In what is an innovative and pioneering collaboration with Monjin, they intend to extend the platform of online interviews to serve the yachting industry effectively. Over the years, How2Yacht have gained immense insight and experience into what their discerning customers require in the highly specialized super yacht space.

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Why Dovaston Crew is sailing with Monjin Yachting

….and creating a benchmark in recruitment It has been 20 years since the Dovaston Crew started placing people from across the world in top crews. The two decades of experience has made them the top placement company in the yachting industry. These days Dovaston is flooded with requests for crew placements from across the globe. The Dovaston Crew has a rigorous process in place that helps them find the best out there. They build a detailed picture of the candidate and this is added to their expansive database, ready to be showcased to the world. Dovaston values traditional interviews as a way to assess a candidate’s personality and find the best position to suit a particular candidate. These are some of the challenges that Helen faces while using their traditional intensive interview process: She has to set up interviews She has do that across time zones It means travel costs are added to it She and team have to communicate about the prospective candidates with captains and HR managers, which costs time again. She has to also connect with candidates She has deadlines to manage, as the industry cannot function without tight timelines. Finally, she has to get the best person out in the world in quick time. How much time to you spend interviewing each and every candidate? The answer is, way too much. Time which could easily be spent to doing something other than hiring. Playing golf for instance. Which is why, Helen Warren, who heads Dovaston Crew is constantly looking for strategies that address one simple question effectively: “How can we make our crew recruitment process... read more

Begum Yachting Goes Digital

Begum Yachting, Turkey, have chosen to collaborate the Monjin Yachting platform to deliver modern and personalized crewing solutions to their clients and yacht captains.

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